The Faculty of Engineering, the Built Environment and Information Technology: School of Engineering, graduation ceremony took place Friday, 15 April 2016 at 09:30 in the Vodacom NMMU Indoor Sport Centre, South Campus, Summerstrand.

The Graduates were as follow: NDip: Engineering: Civil—60 NDip: Engineering: Electrical—62; 1—Cum Laude NDip: Engineering: Industrial—28; 2—Cum Laude NDip: Engineering: Mechanical—50 NDip: Operations Management—42; 2—Cum Laude BEng: Mechatronics—23; 2—Cum Laude BTech: Engineering: Civil (Transport Engineering)—4; 1—Cum Laude BTech: Engineering: Civil (UrbanEngineering)—8; 1—Cum Laude BTech: Engineering: Electrical—2 BTech: Engineering: Industrial—3 BTech: Engineering: Mechanical—2 BTech: Operations Management—1 BTech: Quality—1

The School of Engineering would like to congratulate staff and students within eNtsa on their graduation day! Francois Sharp (BEng Mechatronics), Hubert van der Merwe (MEng Mechatronics), Amy van Gend (NDip Mechanical Engineering), Timothy Momsen (BEng Mechatronics) and Dreyer Bernard (PhD Mechanical Engineering) pictured above with eNtsa Director Prof Danie Hattingh.