The fuel efficient Eco-Car which has been designed to travel nearly 300km on just one litre of fuel was recently on display at the Knysna Motor show.

“The objective of the Eco-Car project is to challenge students to manufacture and ultra lightweight car to maximise fuel efficiency and determine how far the vehicle can travel on a litre of fuel” said Mechanical Engineering Clive Hands.

A huge feather in the teams cap was an invitation to the flagship Shell Eco-Marathon event in London in June this year but Clive has said that the team has not been able to raise the R600 000 it would need to get there.

Should the team participate, they will compete in the prototype class, where a conventional petrol engine has been modified to accept a programmable fuel injec-tion unit to minimise fuel usage.

The Shell Eco Marathon is an established event world-wide with competitions in America, Asia, Europe and Africa.